This year’s edition of Wianki — Celebration of Music will abound in the most diverse and inspiring events. In addition to the previously announced concerts in the Main Market Square, Powiśle, and the Krakus Mound, you are going to encounter street performers, attend debates with music industry representatives, and enjoy Wianki na Wesołej — an interdisciplinary picnic for the whole family. The free tickets are available today!


On 25 June, the city will be filled with music played not only on the grand stages but also in urban space, including the Kółeczko Square, Cricoteka and the Planty Park gazebo. On that day, we will have a chance to listen to Di Libe brent wi a nase Szmate and Kirszenbaum – a backyard band playing songs about non-heteronormative love and current politics, as well as representatives of Slavic post-folk genre.  Gordiy Starukh, Ukrainian folk artist specializing in hurdy gurdy, who builds his own instruments, will also showcase his music. The programme also features performances by cellist Marta Kotaszewska and students of the Academy of Music in Krakow with percussion repertoire showcasing Latino music. Rounding out the concert experience will be the stage at the Poczta Główna Meeting Club featuring Skungal, Kondrat, Beniovska and Ira Mos.

We also have all the details of the meetings at the Potocki Palace – we are in for a panel discussion concerning the situation in Ukraine. Additionally, we will hold a discussion where young women artists will learn how to overcome adversity in the music industry, featuring Margaret. During the panel on the search for identity, we will talk about music as a medium of history and rebellion in folk songs. The list of guests includes Maciej Szajkowski (Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa), Paweł Klimczak (Naphta) and Ewa Grochowska (Z lasu).

But wait, there is more. Nature, tradition, and good fun – these are the hallmarks of the green musical picnic on Wesoła. The programme features workshops that will teach us how to care for the planet and respect the green areas, as well as… space travel that will get your imagination going. There will be concerts, stories about Midsummer traditions and – of course – wreaths!

As always, all events of Wianki – Celebration of Music are free and open to everyone. Thanks to the KBF: PLUS app, you can download concert tickets today! On 10 June, they will be available on the KBF: BILETY website, starting at 12:00 p.m. For detailed information, please visit:

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