OFF Wianki by the Pump / Kawiarnia Teatralna

Wreaths in Krakow are coming in less than a month, and the programme of this year’s Music Festival is still expanding. The next place vibrant with music will be the Stage by the Pump organised jointly with OFF Radio Kraków. It will feature artists presenting various styles: Zeu5, Kroki, Fedkowicz Duo and Eta Hox.

OFF Radio Krakow is once again becoming part of Wianki – the
Krakow Music Festival. This time the stage of the radio station will be called OFF Wianki by the Pomp and will be located near Kawiarnia Teatralna, on the Stage by the Pomp. This outdoor and at the same time intimate place will be filled with extremely diverse music: from DJ dance sets to surprising mix of electronics with live instruments – drums and harp.

The concerts on the Stage by the Pump will be opened by the drone-ambient set of Eta Hox – a Krakow DJ, radio journalist and promoter, which used to be part of the techno collective Deep Impact and is associated for many years with the local electronic music scene. Agnieszka Grela-Fedkowicz (harp, electronics) and Wojciech Fedkowicz (drums, electronics) will offer a completely different musical sensitivity. Their project Fedkowicz Duo is a mix of contemporary music and electronics, with resonant echoes of classics, minimalism and improvisation.

The Kro trio plays in the equally eclectic spirit, but draws on completely different sources – the mix of jazz, soul or indie rock with experimental electronics presented by the band will make everybody dance. The evening at Kawiarnia Teatralna will be closed by Zeu5 – a DJ from Płock, music producer and big amateur of vinyl records who plays his sets in the most important clubs in Poland and will enchant us with a careful selection of deep techno and dub techno sounds.

Wianki in Krakow will take place for the sixth time in a formula inspired by the French event “Fête de la Musique”. The event not only presents music in many parts of the city of Kraków, but also puts particular effort on the diversity of artists, so to reflect the current state of the Polish music scene. As every year, also this time all events related to the Wianki – Music Festival will be free and open to everyone.