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Dear Friends, listeners, music fans, fans of – Wianki – Fete de la Musique,

For several weeks now we have been observing an extraordinary fight aimed at controlling the COVID-19 epidemic both, in Poland and abroad. We thoroughly analysed the risks associated with the organization of Wianki – Music Festival in Krakow on June 20, 2020, and due to the relatively short implementation time and the decision of the Mayor of Krakow to cancel all the cultural events by the end of June, we made the only possible decision – to transfer some of the activities to the Internet, and hence the cancellation of live concerts held as part of the Wianki – Music Festival.

We would like to express solidarity with artists, representatives of the audiovisual sector, festivals, orchestras and choirs, as well as with all the partners and subcontractors, to whom the current times are also those of great professional uncertainty. Believing that humanity will develop appropriate measures to prevent the inevitable recession as soon as possible, we are aware of the fact that the social impact of the epidemic is currently difficult to predict and estimate. For now, we are working on creating a virtual presence of Wianki on the Internet. We believe that we will meet some of you in Krakow at a different time when the circumstances are more favorable so that we can celebrate together on the squares and parks of Krakow and present the fruits of artistic talents and creativity.

This year, we joined the group of partners associated in the HEMI consortium – a European initiative aimed at supporting and developing the local music scene. We can also assure you that next year we will come back stronger than ever presenting the achievements of both, Polish artists and partner activities. We will host outstanding experts from the music industry and invite you to talk together about the future for the music sector. Supporting the local music scene and grassroots initiatives has always been included in our mission which is why we will soon launch the Partnership for Music 2.0 project in a new setting, adapted to the current situation. It returns to us with double strength in these difficult times for artists, and the details of which we will announce after the first weekend of May.

Yet, before we meet live, we would like to invite you to celebrate and celebrate music together at home as part of CYBER Wianki, the details of which we will reveal soon.

We wish you and your loved ones health. At the same time, we join the #stayhome appeal and, by the same token, encourage you to contact us in the virtual space. Let the film music live on as long as it is listened to.

Remember to #StayInTune


The Organisers and Wianki team