Mat Czechowicz is an utility artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer who began his musical journey 13 years ago. He made his first steps as a guitarist in many rock bands. Recent years have changed the direction of electronic music. Thanks to the extensive experience and the combination of different sound worlds, Mat finds himself in a completely new dimension – on stage he combines everything he has experienced so far. Guitar, mixed with synthesizers and vocals, is his specialty. He has also interesting projects on the border of many artistic circles. The Leśmian project is a modern form of sung poetry by Bolesław Leśmian. His collaboration with Marcel Borowiec is a combination of beatbox and electronics, which resulted in EP “The Day”.

Mat released his debut album “Her Smile” on October 4, 2019. Through this album, he joins the sounds of his past and present. Strong sound of heavy beats are matching to the melodic guitar patterns. Inspired by his past relationships and experiences, he was able to write texts that express connection with people and what he received thanks to them: love, understanding and sadness. The stage is his home and the concert is always his “here and now”. The purpose of the performance is to catch a common breath with the audience by building the right rhythm and intimate world of sounds and emotions. Thanks to the combination of guitars, synthesizers and heavy beats, Mat gets an unpredictable result that is worth checking every time. Drifting on the sound spectrum smoothly penetrates somewhere in between The Dumplings and Bass Astral. He has also found a place and time for the short film “Niemożliwa”, directed with the use of his music. Mat is also the founder of the Teoria Strun school, thanks to which he helps other artists in their creative development.