The largest Krakow festivals, spectacular performances for a hundred thousand audience, loud events in the fields of music, theatre, film, fine arts and literature in Poland and Europe – all this is currently dealt with by the Krakow Festival Office, one of the most active Polish public life institutions. The Office is in a straight-line continuator of the activities and missions of the Krakow 2000 Festival Office, established in 1997 to organise a series of events highlighting the role of Krakow as the European Capital of Culture. It the initiative of the Office to launch festivals such as Sacrum Profanum and Misteria Paschalia, as well as the Krakow Film Music Festival.

Organizational efficiency, the ability to build an international festival brand from scratch and the entire spectrum of the Office’s activities in various fields determine the strength and prestige of this institution.

The natural consequence of this approach was the extension of the purely organizational activity of the Office to activities aimed at the development of creative industries, cultural and business tourism, meetings industry and leisure sector. Activities for the promotion of literature, such as City of Literature and Reading Małopolska, activities of the Krakow Film Commission, the Regional Film Fund and the operator of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, as well as the management of the large structure of InfoKraków tourist information, all represent important directions of the Office development initiated in recent years. It is worth emphasizing that these activities are not implemented in isolation from the environment: on the contrary, many initiatives are created in consultation with the relevant environments, and the consensus developed in this way allows for further cooperation in partnership. This in turn makes the Krakow Festival Office perceived as the initiator of a network of connections in which municipal and central institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as commercial companies can contact one other and communicate on the platform made of culture, knowledge, innovation and business.

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